Community Scholarship

The purpose of these scholarships are to support community members from viral hepatitis affected communities to participate in the Viral Hepatitis and Co-Infection Conference in Meanjin/Brisbane on 21 and 22 July 2023. 

The community scholarship include: 

  • Full conference registration (including conference dinner)
  • Travel to and from the conference
  • Transfers to and from the airport 
  • Accommodation 
  • Per diem for meals not already covered by the conference 

These community scholarships are funded by ASHM, ARCHS, LaTrobe, Burnet Institute, Health+Law, UTS, Hepatitis Australia, Hep B Past & Menzies Institute, Kirby Institute, UNSW, and the WHO Collaborating Centre on Viral Hepatitis. 

The scholarships are administered by ASHM, as the conference organisers. 

Submission deadline: CLOSED

Eligibility and Conditions 


To be eligible you:

  • Are able attend the conference in person on 21 and 22 July 2023 in Meanjin (Brisbane)
  • Live in Australia
  • Have lived experience of hepatitis B and/or hepatitis C and/or be from an affected community or priority population and/or as a volunteer or peer of a non-government community hepatitis and/or peer based organisation 

Priority will be given to those who: 

  • Do not have access to other sources of funding to attend the conference.
  • Have not been to the conference before. 


  • Scholarship awardees will be encouraged to ‘buddy’ with community representatives 
  • Scholarship awardees will be invited to a ‘meet and greet’ with other community representatives 


How to apply & Selection criteria 

Question (response maximum 200 words for each question – must be submitted via the online application) 

  1. Describe what viral hepatitis (hepatitis B or hepatitis C) means to you? This could be about your volunteering or work in the sector, your personal interest. 
  2. Think about a community that you are a part of or working with, discuss one barrier that people affected by viral hepatitis face, this could be barrier to health care or other aspects of life?  
  3. What do you hope to learn at the conference? 
  4. Provide a brief outline, including examples, of how you will transfer the knowledge you learn at the conference to your community? 
  5. Confirm that you will share a reflection after the conference. This can be a written piece or a video/audio recording. 
  6. Provide your name, phone number, email address and if you are affiliated with any community hepatitis organisation and/or peer based organisation 

Terms and Conditions:

All applicants must provide accurate information and advise ASHM if their situation changes. Withholding or giving false information may result in the withdrawal of the application.

All scholarship holders will be expected to share a personal reflection of the conference with ASHM within 1 month from the conclusion of the conference.

Applications will be reviewed by a panel that includes community representatives.

No extensions for applications will be provided

Panel decisions are final